Friday, July 29, 2011

These Tomato Plants Are Getting Huge!

Would you believe that in this picture is 2 healthy and big tomato plants? They are growing huge but one is not producing a lot.  The one on the right is a yellow cherry tomato and it has been producing a lot of cherry tomatoes.  The one on the left is a big beef tomato plant and I have a lot of flowers on it but only 2 tomatoes have been growing on it.  They have been getting big but not starting to turn red yet.  These 2 plants were the ones that got hit by the branch when we took the tree branches down so I have not done much with them to shock them.  I pretty much let them do their thing and they do look quite healthy given what they went through.  I could not believe how big the plants have been getting.  They pretty much smothered the pepper plant that is in front!! I will see if the one on the left starts to produce more.  It does have a lot of flowers so I am hoping it will.

They are looking great for a huge and heavy branch landing on them!
The picture doesn't seem to make these look as big as they are when you are standing in front of them!

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