Saturday, July 30, 2011

These are Healthy Cucumber Plants

I am learning a lot about cucumber plants this year, it is the first year I have grown them.  They are growing quite well and I have many little cucumbers on them.  I got to pick 3 off the plants so far.  2 were kind of shaped funny.  They didn't grow real long but they did grow wide.  They looked almost like a ball!  The third cucumber was perfect tho, it tasted quite yummy.  I am not sure what happened to the other 2 but I did not eat them.

The cucumber plants grow pretty tall and they have almost like ropes that grow on them.  Not sure the proper name but these "ropes" grab onto things and wrap around whatever it grabs.  It seems they do this to support the plant as it is growing.  I have found these little "ropes" wrapping around my tomato plants and the fence.  They are even wrapping around other parts of the cucumber plant! The plant is quite healthy tho and growing tall.  I have a lot of little cucumbers growing on it now.  This is a real low maintenance plant so I am sure I will be growing then again next year.  The only thing I really had to do with these is keep the little "ropes" from wrapping around other plants.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

These Tomato Plants Are Getting Huge!

Would you believe that in this picture is 2 healthy and big tomato plants? They are growing huge but one is not producing a lot.  The one on the right is a yellow cherry tomato and it has been producing a lot of cherry tomatoes.  The one on the left is a big beef tomato plant and I have a lot of flowers on it but only 2 tomatoes have been growing on it.  They have been getting big but not starting to turn red yet.  These 2 plants were the ones that got hit by the branch when we took the tree branches down so I have not done much with them to shock them.  I pretty much let them do their thing and they do look quite healthy given what they went through.  I could not believe how big the plants have been getting.  They pretty much smothered the pepper plant that is in front!! I will see if the one on the left starts to produce more.  It does have a lot of flowers so I am hoping it will.

They are looking great for a huge and heavy branch landing on them!
The picture doesn't seem to make these look as big as they are when you are standing in front of them!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brown Spots on the Bottom of Tomatoes

I saw this a couple times last year but not much.  This year I started to see it on every tomato that started growing to be a nice size on my one plant.  Only on the plant that is in a 5 gallon bucket.  The tomato plants that are planted out in the yard are ok.  Tomatoes look like they are coming in healthy.  I have been doing some research about this and found it is called blossom end rot.  I have seen a couple reasons for this happening so I am hoping that I am able to stop it from happening in this plant.  I have read that it can be a calcium deficiency and I also read that it can be from inconsistent watering.  The plant affected is in a big planter so it is possible that either or both could be the problem.  It does have holes in the bottom of the bucket to drain properly however our weather has been quite crazy lately.  We had a week of rain and then it got real hot and dry.  Now it is getting hotter and still dry-yikes! I am hoping this inconsistent water flow is what had caused it, but at least all the plants in the yard seem to be doing good.  The plant itself looks real healthy, it is just this blossom end rot!
If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Thank you :)
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