Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Tomato Plants Faced Danger

Tomato plants are fortunately resilient! They can be very sensitive plants at most cases but somehow they can be somewhat resilient as well.  Tobacco on your fingers can give the plants a disease but yet the stem can be a little flexible.  Please do be careful with the stem but I found out today that they can also bend a little too.

Our neighbors have a huge (and I mean huge) maple tree on the property line.  The tree has been a bit of a nuisance for us as it takes a lot of sun light away from us and I think that has been half of our problem with the ticks and other various bugs you can find in our yard.  Well I sprayed my garlic spray on the tree last week and today the opportunity came up for the tree to get trimmed, well at least the branches across our yard.  Even tho it is not our tree, we have the right to trim off branches that come across our yard.  Well another neighbor had a power saw and a long ladder and came by and did it for us today!! Yes that made me quite happy.  Of course I took most of the day cleaning up pieces from the tree in the yard.

Well to get to my point of the tomato plants, the long branches that were cut came crashing down.  When they did, my biggest tomato plants happened to be in line of fire.  It was the biggest and heaviest branch that happened to land on them.  The way the branch landed, most of the weight did not land on the plants. Enough weight to snap a couple of the small tomato branches but no major harm was done! Some of the plants are now looking a little limp but not bad.  I believe that they will recover, I will see tomorrow once the sun hits them.  It looked almost like the stems were flexible enough to bend but not break.  These plants were getting big and had a lot of tomatoes started on them so I am very hopeful.  At least the plants did not get totally destroyed given what they went through today.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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