Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deer Ticks Are Here, Trying to Get Rid of Them

Image showing appearance and relative sizes of...Image via WikipediaMy youngest daughter happened to have a deer tick on her the other day.  Not sure if it was from our yard or if it was from the playground that we took them to.  My guess would be from our yard tho.  A lot of neighbors have dogs which I have heard attract the little buggers (along with fleas) and some of our neighbors have not kept up with the weeds in their yard which I have heard can be another big problem.  

I found the tick on her while getting her in the shower.  The deer tick is very small and it looked almost like a sunspot on her.  I barely noticed it was a tick.  I had a Dr remove it so that they did it without breaking the head off.  The head was embedded in her shoulder.  No worries, the Dr does not think that she was exposed to this little pest long enough to contract any diseases.

So of course now after finding a tick on her, I panicked about how bad our yard might be.  I did a lot of searching to see what the best thing to use would be and what I kept seeing was people using garlic.  Supposedly the ticks don't like garlic and it will kill them.  Yup, you know what I did! Went out and bought plenty of garlic.  I soaked minced garlic (from the jar in it's own juice) in a big jar with water.  I soaked it overnight.  I got a spray bottle and used the water from the soaking garlic.  It smelled pretty strong so I think I should be good.  This was used on the fence surrounding our yard and as much of the trees and leaves I could get with the liquid.  I sprinkled a bunch of garlic powder all over (and I mean all over) the yard.  I covered the yard first, then did the trees.  This way any pests falling off the trees would land in the garlic :) Of course my yard now smells like a pizza but all is good.  It is supposed to help against other pests also.  The best part is, this is non toxic to your kids, yourself and your pets.  Oh and it won't hurt your garden either, just don't spray directly onto a plant that you plan on harvesting within a couple days.  I am sure it will taste like garlic! 
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