Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most of My Plants Are Now Transplanted!

I got some of my plants transplanted now.  A couple of plants I did right after Easter and a few I did a couple days later.  I am trying something new this year.  Last year I really couldn't use my yard as there were neighbors dogs using my yard as a potty (was not very happy with this but it was bad!) This year we get the occasional cat coming in and pooping but nothing like last year.  I decided to plant some plants in the yard up against my fence, I am hoping that they see enough sun as our yard is mostly shade (the other reason why I couldn't use yard last year.)  The soil should be quite good tho, nothing has been planted there in at least 4 years.  So far a couple of my tomato plants have been quite happy with the soil and the strawberry plants that were in planters last year have really been taking off! I am getting quite a few flowers on the strawberry plants.  Of course I still have some plants in a planter, so yes it is still my deck garden.  I put a tomato plant in a planter, 3 pepper plants in a planter and I will be using my topsy turvy this year for another tomato plant.

I noticed last year that putting 3 pepper plants in a planter (as long as the planter is deep enough) is ok.  They produced quite a lot of peppers.  Tomato plants need their own planter tho.  Their roots grow deeper and bigger.  Hoping that my plants in the yard turn out to be great! Oh yeah and we also have a cabbage plant in the yard.  It is a school project for my daughter.  None of the animals have bothered it so it must not smell or taste good to them.  Young tomato plants are subject to the cats eating them but once they get a little bigger and start to get the adult tomato plant smell, they are no longer appetizing to the cats.


  1. Your site is simply gorgeous!! I would love to look at that outside my window!! ALL DAY LONG!!

    This was a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! garden decking

  2. You are welcome :) I originally started it to be a deck garden as last year I had a neighbor whose dogs kept taking over my yard. It was not a nice yard last year. I am doing both this year, deck and yard planting since the neighbor has since moved.