Monday, May 23, 2011

I Have a New Challenge-The Cucumber Plant

My Mom has given me some cucumber plants.  We love cucumbers in my house so this should be great! I may even try to make pickles with them, but I can't get ahead of myself yet.  This is the first year I have grown cucumber plants so I do not want to make big plans for them until I know that I can successfully grow them.  I did plant them in the yard yesterday but have not taken pictures yet as we have been having rain (all but Saturday) for the past week and a half.  I planted them Sunday, as it was originally supposed to be sunny all week this week.  Well now it looks like rain for another week! They had to be transplanted tho, she just gave them to me but they were way too big for their container.  Hopefully I will get some sun and will be able to take some pictures to share of my plants.  So far I have tomato, pepper, cucumber and 1 cabbage plant.  My onion plants died before getting them outside.  Not sure about why the onion died but I will research them, never grew them before.  The cabbage plant is my daughter's school project.  It is the first time for us with cabbage as well.

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