Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have new growth!

I thought for sure that the tomato plant that split (shown in post below) was going to be done.  It was split pretty bad.  Surprisingly tho it is doing quite well and I have a lot of new growth on it.  Granted most of the tomato plant is now growing on my deck instead of upright but it is a fuller plant then it was before. I didn't stake the plant up any more.  I just left it, it was split already so I didn't want to hurt it any more trying to force it in a different way.  I haven't had any new tomatoes grow on it yet but a full healthy new growth and a bunch of flowers on it now.  Should be getting more tomatoes on this plant after all.  My other tomato plants are doing quite well.  I have a lot of tomatoes growing on them now.  Might have to take up canning.