Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tomato plants need to be staked or supported

Ok so being new to gardening I figured I would experiment with different techniques.  I tried a topsy turvy and a few in planters.  This one here is the first one that I had outside.  It was the only one I did not grow from seeds, I bought it when it was ready to be outside, think it was about a foot tall.  We had an opportunity to eat a couple of tomatoes off of this already which made us happy, they were good!  As part of my experiment I decided to let this do it's thing.  I did have a small stake to start but when the plant was growing off in two main branches, I decided not to try to stake it higher or buy a cage.  It was great at first and the brances were almost touching the deck on both sides but all of a sudden it started to split.  The two branches split the main stem and they are now touching the deck.  Surprisingly tho the plant is still looking alive and green.  Didn't think it would survive with a big split in the main stem but we will see.  I recommend people stake their tomato plants better or cage them tho.  Not sure if this is going to produce any more fruit.  The fruit on it in picture was already on it before the split happened.  I definitely wouldn't recommend allowing this to happen if plants are in a garden and tomatoes would be touching soil.  I read that is not good.

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