Monday, July 5, 2010

Tomato plant in the topsy turvy

I transplanted two tomato plants on the same day a few weeks ago.  They were both only about 5-6 inches tall when I transplanted them.  One of the plants was planted in a planter and the other was planted in the topsy turvy.  I have got to say the topsy turvy works great!  This is a personal observation, I am not at all affiliated with the topsy turvy and do not receive any compensation.  The plant in the topsy turvy is almost twice the size of the one planted in the planter.  It is doing good.  I have it hanging on the deck in a spot where it sees a lot of sunlight and give it water everyday.  All of my tomato plants are treated the same.  I almost didn't buy a topsy turvy but now that I got it I recommend it to friends.  These pictures were taken about a week ago and the one in the topsy turvy has gotten bigger and fuller since.


  1. I love these Topsy Turvy things. They work really well.

  2. Yeah they do! I was actually contemplating getting it at first, could you imagine lol. I just wish I used more then one this year but I am experimenting with different things to see what works well and what doesn't.